Photo of Caitlin Clark at WNBA Draft and photo of Antonio Brown smiling

Caitlin Clark and Antonio Brown (via Getty Images)
Caitlin Clark is on top of the world right now, but Antonio Brown won’t leave her be.

The former NFL wide receiver has been taking shots at the newest No. 1 pick to enter the WNBA. He’s been going at her for several weeks now but really went overboard a few days ago, causing her to block him on Twitter/X.

Clark took the aforementioned step against AB because of a comment he made about her privates. Basically, he suggested that she looks like she doesn’t shave.

Brown, now the most famous troll on the internet, has kept up with the comments.

Following news of Clark’s lucrative sneaker deal with Nike, he took to said platform to post a photo of a pair of furry shoes he claimed were her “Hair Force One’s.”

Unfortunately, he hasn’t stopped there.

Check out some of his latest tweets below:

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Antonio Brown Isn’t Just Trolling Anymore

As it turns out, Antonio Brown isn’t just an online troll nowadays. The former NFL superstar has launched his own CTESPN Network and has broken a few big stories, including Russell Wilson’s trade to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He also called the Stefon Diggs trade to the Houston Texans several weeks before it seemingly came out of the blue.

On Thursday, he reported that free agent wide receiver Michael Thomas was nearing a deal with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Still, trolling Caitlin Clark is his favorite thing to do now. The point guard is clearly sick of it, but that has done little to slow him down.