Andy Reid Reveals What Travis Kelce Screamed At Him During Their Physical Altercation On The Chiefs’ Sideline (VIDEO)

Travis Kelce screaming at Andy Reid
Andy Reid has revealed exactly what Travis Kelce said to him after their heated interaction on the sideline during Super Bowl 58.

Kelce was shown violently bumping into his head coach and screaming something to his ear after a red zone fumble in the first half. The star tight end was not on the field at the time of the play and was not best pleased to be left out.


Speaking to reporters after the Chiefs beat the 49ers at the Allegiant Stadium on Sunday night, Reid disclosed that Kelce was asking to be put in.

“Put me in! I’ll score,” he said, quoting his player.

“They’re passionate players,” he added. “I love that, even if they chest bump me to the other side of the 50. I appreciate it. I just love that the guy wants to play and wants to be in there playing.”

The relationship between Reid and Kelce might have changed somewhat if the Chiefs had lost, but the head coach isn’t likely to dwell on it given the momentous victory.

The TE has also been accused of receiving special treatment, with several NFL players taking to social media with claims they would have been hung out to dry by the media had they shoved a coach and screamed at him that way.

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