Alison Hammond gave up her interviewing chair on ITV’s This Morning – with a huge Hollywood star stepping up to turn the tables and be the one to ask the questions

This Morning fans will be shocked to see Alison Hammond brushed aside from her hosting seat this week – as a huge Hollywood star demands to take her place.

The 49-year-old former Big Brother contestant has been a star of This Morning since 2002 when she first joined as a generic reporter before working her way all the way up to becoming a main presenter of the show in 2021. Back in 2017, she went viral when she interviewed Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, 43, and American legend Harrison Ford, 81, when they were promoting the sci-fi drama Blade Runner 2049.

The interview descended into chaos when Alison admitted she hadn’t watched the movie and the trio fell about laughing – with the clip quickly going viral and generating millions of online views. Now Alison has been reunited with Ryan – but he ended up taking over the hosting seat in the hope of maintaining a more professional interaction.

Ryan is on the promotional trail for his new film The Fall Guy alongside British co-star Emily Blunt, 41. And the duo ended up taking seats opposite Alison as she joined them to grill them about their escapades making the new film.

Ryan Gosling took over the main interview seat instead (

However, things quickly turned to chaos when Alison asked Ryan if she recalled meeting him before. Alison has thrilled fans by sharing an advanced clip of the new interview via her Instagram page – saying in a caption: “It’s not your standard celebrity interview… @alisonhammond55 reunites with Ryan Gosling alongside Emily Blunt to chat about their latest movie, The Fall Guy, this Monday on #ThisMorning!”

Footage shows Alison asking the Hollywood star: “Do you remember me, Ryan?” And he politely replies: “Yes.” And Alison declares: “That was so much fun that day!” – prompting a polite chuckle from the actor. Alison then continued: “The last time we did an interview, you took over and did the camera.”

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She then suggested: “Maybe you should interview me and Emily?” Ryan agreed and asked the pair to be “funny”. While further elements of the clip showed Emily and Alison bonding, and the trio laughing and joking together – with the full interview due to air on This Morning on Monday.

Alison previously thought back to her past interview with Ryan and Harrison during the Blade Runner sequel promotional trail. She said: “[Ryan] asked the question, ‘Are you a big fan of the film?’, and I was like, ‘Well, no I’m not! Do I tell him the truth? Do I lie? What do I do?’

“But I thought, you know what, my mum always says, always tell the truth, so I said, ‘I’ve never seen it, babes’, and I think that got things going. He started laughing and I started laughing, and it settled the moment. After, I thought, ‘Was that any good? Have we got anything? I don’t think we’ve got any content about the film whatsoever.’ I can remember my producer saying, ‘Don’t worry, we can do something with that, it’ll be fine’.”