Meghan Markle has allegedly stirred considerable concerns regarding her work and is reportedly even experiencing emotional distress over various aspects of her life.

Royal expert and author Tom Quinn shared his insights on these matters during an open interview with the Daily Mirror. He began by addressing the potential sources of contention and anxiety that the Duchess may have faced, particularly surrounding the announcement of her luxury lifestyle brand.

Meghan Markle in tears and afraid shes being unfairly picked on

For those unfamiliar, American Riviera Orchard recently unveiled its inaugural product, jam, which has garnered significant ridicule. According to Mr. Quinn, “The one issue causing distress is Meghan’s new online brand, American Riviera Orchard.”

Reportedly, “Meghan was brought to tears when the brand launched, and her new jam was widely derided for its high price and lack of uniqueness.”

Mr. Quinn suggests that Meghan has reached a point where she anticipates unwarranted criticism for anything she does. “Similar to her husband, she feels unfairly targeted, unable to comprehend why her efforts aren’t met with admiration.”

He added, “She is particularly sensitive to critiques of her lavish lifestyle in the US, viewing it as something to be revered rather than condemned,” before concluding the discussion.