15 Best CRMs for Startups in 2023 Free & Paid Tools

Built for small to mid-sized businesses, Salesflare is a team-centric CRM that encourages collaboration. With automated features and a variety of integrations with platforms such as Gmail, Microsoft, and LinkedIn, Salesflare streamlines workflows to keep productivity high. Freshsales comes with all of the basic CRM needs, including contact management, sales automation, sales pipeline views, and sales activity reports.

features to consider in a startup CRM

Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales) aims to break down data silos by combining sales, marketing, and customer support. SugarCRM is a CRM platform with marketing automation, email templates, and AI-driven predictive analytics. Choose a CRM that integrates with all the other apps you’re working with, resulting in a cohesive, collaborative workspace. best crm for startups Monday sales CRM offers 72+ integrations, including Gmail, Slack, and Dropbox, so you can get all your work done on one platform. Monday sales CRM uses a simple “If X, then Y “logic, where users can customize both parameters to suit their needs. For example, you can automatically email team members when a due date is approaching.

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Some may be more critical for your marketing efforts than others, however, it’s important to have an understanding of what’s out there and available to you. One of the most important aspects of SEO is understanding what your customers are searching for, otherwise known as “keyword research.” One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and grow your business is through consistently blogging. The business model you choose depends entirely on your needs and goals as a company. To find what works well for you, you may want to consider testing several models and conducting market research to see what competition in the space is doing. This model is not always preferred as it can be challenging to forecast revenue accurately when the user count within businesses is fluctating constantly.

HubSpot is our overall top pick thanks to its generous free plan, extensive suite of tools, and startup-exclusive discounts.Its unified platform eliminates confusion between Sales and Marketing teams, streamlining processes and boosting revenue.Only then can your large business be matched with the right CRM to suit.Comprehensive and smart solution to discover leads, and boost engagement.

But remember, startups value knowledge over anything else, and there’s nothing more valuable than customer data. With a native time tracker, sales automation, and granular permissions, you can manage your sales team efficiently. ClickUp is one of the world’s highest-rated project management software and startup management software used by teams in small and large companies. In addition, having the right CRM software can help your team dodge miscommunication issues between your sales and marketing teams, limited data access, and missed opportunities. Data estimates that using a CRM system can increase a business’s cross-selling and up-selling revenue by 39%.


When your budget is tight, and your business is small, it can be tempting to cut corners on software investment and opt for a manual approach to customer relationship management. Simply put, it’s much easier to implement a CRM before your operations become too complex, so start sooner rather than later. Store all customer data in a central location to improve the company’s data organization and data flow. Effective data management is critical for a startup since it dictates decisions for current and upcoming projects. Seamlessly import your data into monday sales CRM and connect with existing data to stay on top of the information that matters. Startups need a robust CRM with reminders, quick scheduling, and space to make notes about potential customers to ensure effective conversations that lead them down the sales funnel to convert.

When you hire a new sales rep, you want to get them through training and selling to potential customers as quickly as possible. The faster they can start making sales, the better it is for your entire startup, so ease of use must be a priority when choosing a CRM. By using your CRM for task management, you can learn where to focus your time and energy in order to have the most impact. You’ll be able to take action that moves the needle for your startup. One of the distinct advantages of being a startup is that you can have real, detailed conversations with most (if not all) of your potential and existing customers.

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Join the top flight by automating mundane low-impact tasks in your sales process, so your team members can focus on the important ones that drive growth for your organization. A CRM delivers visibility into your entire sales pipeline by sorting sales, labeling opportunities, and grouping customers as you please. With an advanced platform like monday sales CRM, you can use custom dashboards to quickly view deal progress, sales figures, team performance, and more. For smaller startups, user-friendly and affordable options like Pipedrive or Freshworks might be ideal. They offer essential features without overwhelming users or breaking the bank.

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CRM Software for a Startup Business Success.

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They unify customer data across the organization and help you deliver exceptional customer experiences. Never forget that as well as having your ten must-have features, your enterprise CRM is there for one main reason and that is to manage your customer relationships. Even the most preferred CRM functions come down to one key role and that is streamlining these processes and improving these key relationships.

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Hubspot is one of the best-known CRMs for startups and comes with a suite of features that can help you quickly build your customer base. A simple CRM makes it easy for your employees to know exactly where to find customer information or essential updates related to the sales cycle. That could be anything from customer lifecycle stages and CRM bug reporting to deal information or new feature releases they can pitch to potential customers. A CRM should add value to your sales activities as soon as possible, so consider how easy it is to implement the solution — and how easy it is for your team to leverage.

features to consider in a startup CRM

Internal chat within a CRM can be a useful tool for addressing key issues and improving collaboration between teams. If an account manager notices a note made by a sales team member, jumping on chat can help resolve the query quickly. There is some inefficiency regarding using different systems and vendors have noted this so started building marketing automation into the CRM feature-set.

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By incorporating these measures, we can establish an environment for customer information, safeguard the company against risks and strengthen customer trust. An effective CRM system should offer a range of contact management capabilities enabling you to store and arrange all customer information within a centralized database. This CRM SaaS encompasses contact details, interaction histories, notes, and additional relevant data.

features to consider in a startup CRM

Your CRM should allow for customization to fit your business’s unique needs and workflows. With customization, you can tailor the CRM to match your processes rather than changing your processes to fit the CRM. The CRM you choose should be able to scale with your business and allow customization to fit your unique needs.

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Our founders realized from their own startup experience that a sales pipeline is not only great for sales and contact management, but for solving other problems startups face too. Xero is the go-to tool for startups and small teams to speed up invoicing and accounting. You’ll be able to create invoices from Pipedrive deals, track invoice status in Pipedrive and have a real-time overview of your cash flow. Typical startup CRM pricing ranges from $15 to $50 per month for each user. Even a relatively low investment can help you shorten your sales cycle, increase your average deal value and focus on customer retention. With a CRM, your new sales reps can excel with instant access to historical data about your leads, prospects and customers.

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