Akademiks tears into Nicki Minaj over ‘Gangsta bully’ persona: ‘She tried to do it to me’

Akademiks has revealed that he’s not a fan of Nicki Minaj, especially her “gangsta bully” persona that, he feels, is inauthentic.

In his most recent YouTube video, which dropped on Friday (September 22), the Hip Hop personality held nothing back when going in on her new persona. Akademiks feels that the lead Barb is merely trying to compete with Cardi B, who has genuine ties to the Bloods gang.

“If you ask me, I think she’s always in some competition with Cardi B,” he said. “Cardi B’s a hood b**ch from the Bronx who’s also a Blood; Nicki Minaj and how she’s been acting recently, it felt like it was almost compensating like, ‘b**ch, I’m like that too.’ […] Nicki has been embracing the street s**t and showing it way more than we would even expect. Remember, her music ain’t like that. We don’t know her to be like that.”

Akademiks Tears Into Nicki Minaj Over ‘Gangsta Bully’ Persona: ‘She Tried To Do It To Me’

While Akademiks also acknowledged that Nicki Minaj is a talented rapper — and might, in fact, be one of the most talented rappers of her generation — her “clown behavior,” especially as it involves her husband, Kenneth Petty, is all but destroying her legacy.

He also claimed that Nicki was “closer to 45,” rather than her reported age of 40, and that her nasty attitude is working against her in the industry.

“I don’t know nobody with a good story about Nicki,” he said. “Nicki Minaj has continued to give a facade of her being a decent, nice person behind the scenes; for anybody who’s had real interactions with her, they realize that she doesn’t see anybody as someone that she should respect, definitely not as equals, definitely not as someone that she can’t control. And now, this is why I’m so happy that she’s being exposed, Nicki Minaj actually thinks that she’s a gangsta bully.

“Nicki Minaj actually thinks that because she married a top-ranking Blood member of some set, she can threaten and intimidate people with that guy. She tried to do it to me […] He only knows what he knows. He don’t know nothing about the music industry. He’s a crash dummy. He’s been crashed out multiple times before — there’s a reason he’s on federal probation.

He added: “The problem here is Nicki. Nicki, while she’s approaching menopause, is trying to represent gangsterism. We see through this lame, wannabe thug persona you’re having at 45.”

Akademiks isn’t the first blogger to claim that Nicki Minaj isn’t a nice person. On a recent episode of his Amazon Amp show The Daily Drop, Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee reacted to news about Nicki’s husband, Kenneth Petty, being put on house arrest for making threats against Offset.

While speaking about the subject, he claimed that Nicki and Kenneth once tried to hire someone to “get him.”

“Lock them the f*ck up,” he said. “Now let me say another thing, if you’re a Barb and you support this behavior, you support child molesters and rapists too. Because you’re also complicit. You’re funding the machine. But all of you are so sick now.

“Is Nicki Minaj a phenomenal rapper? Yes. I dance to her music every time it comes on in the club. I play it here. I love Nicki’s music. And everything I’ve said nice about it, I believe. But I can tell you what’s currently in the news right now, it’s clear Nicki Minaj and her husband want Cardi [B] and Offset dead.

“And guess what? If anything happens to them, we know where to go. If you know Kenneth Petty’s parole officer, please send it to me. Email it to me right now. Send it to Hollywood Unlocked. Please DM us. Because I’m gonna call him and send him this receipt that I got — tried to hire somebody to come get me.”

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