Taylor Swift fans think she’s PROVEN time travel is real as they ‘spot singer’ in ad from 8 years before she was born

Can you spot the uncanny resemblance

FANS believe Taylor Swift is a time-traveller as she “appeared” in a commercial from 1981.

The singer was born in 1989 – eight years after the ad aired.

In an ad, a Taylor lookalike has an eerily similar smile and hairstyle to the popstar

In an ad, a Taylor lookalike has an eerily similar smile and hairstyle to the popstar

The singer was born 8 years prior to the commercial

The singer was born 8 years prior to the commercialCredit: Getty

But in the advert, which resurfaced on TikTok, the popstar’s clone talks through Glamour Gals dolls collection, including their outfits and accessories.

Taylor’s lookalike resembled the singer so much, it convinced even the most loyal “Swifties” that time travel is possible.

In the video, a woman with the singer’s smile is wearing a lilac jumper as she describes the dolls.

The resemblance is uncanny with even the woman’s hair looking similar to Taylor’s style.

The doppelganger had a light brunette, blonde hue with an 80s blowout and a signature Taylor fringe.

What made it even more convincing is that the pop icon’s clone had the same mannerism as the singer when she performs on stage.

The viral video had a caption that said: “This 1981 commercial is proof that Taylor Swift is a time traveler”.

Many of her fans rushed to the comments to agree, with one saying: “Wow it really does look like her!”

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