Offset shows off his lavish lifestyle, owning more than 3,000 pairs of expensive sneakers and has his own showroom at his mansion

In her trademark playful manner, Cardi humorously dubs his obsession “ridiculous.”

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Cardi B and Offset, the dynamic duo synonymous with opulence and high fashion, are no strangers to flaunting their extravagant lifestyle.

While Cardi has always dazzled with her jaw-dropping shoe collection, today, on this Flashback Friday, we rewind to the day she spilled the beans on her husband’s even more colossal sneaker stash.

On November 25, 2023, the rapper treated her fans to a sneak peek into Offset’s mind-blowing collection, unveiling a staggering 3,000+ pairs of sneakers. With her signature wit, Cardi playfully labeled his fixation as “ridiculous.”

The captivating tour of Offset’s sneaker sanctuary commenced with Cardi guiding her followers through the lavish expanse of their Atlanta mansion, revealing a three-story-tall living room atrium. However, the real revelation unfolded when she delved into the more intimate space – Offset’s closet, the sanctuary of his extensive shoe empire.

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The walk-in closet boasted opulent wood floors, a soaring ceiling exuding grandeur, and each pair of sneakers snugly placed in its designated cubby with meticulous precision. Twelve units high and spanning six rows, the shelves flanked the room with three full shelves on each side.

At the far end of the closet, a mesmerizing visual feаst awaited as a wall of sneakers stretched out, bathed in specialized lighting that transformed the space into a haven for sneaker enthusiasts.

In Sneakers, Virgil Abloh Gave Us Everything | Complex

As the camera rolled, Cardi couldn’t contain her awe at her husband’s footwear kingdom. “Guys, when I told you this man owns like 30,000 pairs of shoes…” Offset interjected with a correction, clarifying it was a mere “3,200” pairs.

Cardi, acknowledging her substantial shoe collection, admitted, “And I think I own like 500 shoes. This man’s got so many sneakers it isn’t even funny. Jesus,” she marveled.

Sneaker collecting has evolved into a global phenomenon, with aficionados amassing rare and limited-edition kicks. Offset’s closet transcends personal space; it stands as a homage to a subculture that has recently skyrocketed in popularity.

While the couple’s lavish lifestyle may raise eyebrows, their unapologetic passion for fashion and self-expression is undeniable. Sharing their experiences and possessions with fans through social media provides a unique glimpse into their lives. Offset’s 3,200-pair sneaker collection might be deemed “ridiculous” by some, but it’s a testament to their unbridled embrace of interests and passions.

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