Hailey Bieber caught filming ‘bump shots’ & admits it can be ‘awkward’ amid pregnancy rumors in behind-the-scenes video

JUSTIN Bieber’s wife Hailey Bieber has filmed “bump shots” with the team at GMA3.

The 26-year-old model appeared on this morning’s third hour of Good Morning America.

Hailey Bieber has appeared on Good Morning America

Hailey Bieber has appeared on Good Morning AmericaCredit: Instagram / @abcgma3

Hailey took some 'awkward' bump shots for the television show

Hailey took some ‘awkward’ bump shots for the television showCredit: Getty
Hailey was wearing a bright mid-length red dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline.

She was wearing matching heels, an anklet, and a large silver necklace as she stood in front of a large GMA3 sign.

A video of the star was posted on the morning show’s Instagram Story.

Justin’s wife was standing in front of the camera while smiling and waving to the audience.

It was captioned: “Taping bump shots before commercial breaks can be a little awkward – @HaileyBieber agrees.”

A bump shot marks a break between a program and a commercial, and it can tease an upcoming segment on a news program.


Since the pregnancy rumors flared, Hailey has been seen eating some fun and strange things.

She was seen chowing down on Krispy Kreme’s new donuts.

The model shared a video of herself digging into a huge box of pink ring donuts in front of her.

A day later. Stephen Baldwin’s daughter posted another video of herself eating a Krispy Kreme Strawberry Glaze donut.

The Rhode founder wore an oversized red sweater and took several bites from the donut.

Hailey was then caught enjoying a strange food combination that is common in various diets for pregnant women.

She posted a video of a plate of white rice, ravioli pasta, and sweetcorn in a photo dump on Instagram captioned: “Lately.”

Clinical nutritionists say corn can be a good option for pregnant women.


Hailey has also been doing everything she can to hide her stomach on social media.

She posed in a white crop top and jeans in a photoshoot, but she made sure to post with her back to the camera.

When she was at Justine Skye’s birthday party, she ditched her typical glamorous outfits for a baggy red sports jersey and matching shorts.

Hailey also made sure the cameras were focused on her face instead of her body.

Fans asked her if she was pregnant in the comment section and said: “She always crops her pics now. Hopefully for baby Bieber.”

Justin and Hailey are about to have their fifth wedding anniversary, and fans are beginning to wonder when they’ll have a baby- and so have their friends.

When the couple were recently spotted in California, one of Hailey’s friends shouted “I know you’re pregnant.”

Hailey didn’t seem to respond to the comment except to smile.

Pregnancy rumors have been following Hailey for several months

Pregnancy rumors have been following Hailey for several monthsCredit: Instagram/rhode/haileybieber

She has been doing everything she can to hide her stomach

She has been doing everything she can to hide her stomachCredit: Getty

Hailey has also been spotted eating strange pregnancy food

Hailey has also been spotted eating strange pregnancy foodCredit: Getty

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