‘Defeating’ Taylor Swift, Cardi B is still criticized for not being on the same level when collaborating with Beyoncé

Some fans of “Queen Bee” are not happy when she collaborates with the female rapper born in 1992.

Rumors of a Beyoncé collaboration with Cardi B erupted after Cardi B’s producer unexpectedly revealed it on social media. Unfortunately, some members of the Beyoncé fan community feel uncomfortable with this information.

“Đánh bại” Taylor Swift, Cardi B vẫn bị chê chưa đủ đẳng cấp để hợp tác với Beyoncé

Cardi and Beyoncé have met before, and Cardi shared their meeting on Instagram back in September. Furthermore, Beyoncé has shown enthusiasm for collaborating with other artists recently, teaming up with DJ Khaled and J. Balvin.

So, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Jay-Z’s wife teamed up with the creator of “Bodak Yellow.” In fact, their music product is sure to be fantastic and create a strong buzz on the Internet.

Moreover, Cardi’s producer, Michael Ashby, teased fans on Instagram Story with an image in the studio, showing a demo of a new song with both Beyoncé and Cardi B’s names.

Though this information has excited many music lovers, not all of Beyoncé’s fans feel the same way. Some members of the Beyhive community took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“@beyonce I don’t want to believe it’s true but IF it is…. why, of all the people in the world, collaborate with Cardi B? WHY???”

“It’s just a waste of Beyoncé’s time. I respect Cardi B’s talent, but she’s not on Beyoncé’s level.”

“Yes, Beyoncé and Cardi B are real. Yes, I feel disappointed.”

In any case, Beyoncé is allowed to collaborate with whomever she wants, and teaming up with Cardi B would be a positive direction for both artists. However, there has been no official announcement, and their duet song is still just a demo.

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